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30 December 2016

New in: Beauty

Over the Christmas period I think its fair to say that I have received and purchased a fair amount of new beauty products. I am of course, VERY happy with all of these new bits and pieces, and I would very much like to share my thoughts on them with you!

This hair mask is so dreamy you wouldn't believe it!
Its by the brand artnaturals which is a brand that, before owning this hair mask  I had never heard of. Since having my hair cut a wee bit shorter (though lets be real, it seems like its pretty much all gone to me!) I had never really taken much interest in my hair and what condition it was in, and I definately didn't find the idea of using a hair mask much fun. I've really noticed how its transformed my hair from a lil' bit of a mess into something quite gorgeous.

This mascara is my holy grail! Everything about it is perfection! The wand in particular is my favourite feature, there are many sides suitable for all the lil' nooks and crannies of your eye. It gives such a professional finish and I am just a tiny bit in love!

Real techniques really are the go-to for make-up brushes, and I couldn't be more okay with that. This is the face set of four. It covers a brush for every need - foundation, contour, blush and detailing! Seriously, go get yourself a set!

I recently went into Lush and picked up the 'sex bomb'. This is probably the only Lush bath bomb, that Is in Lush all year round, that I have never used. I always love to try out new products from lush and I try to buy something new every time I go in. This is one of lush's classic bathbombs that everyone's heard of, so I thought I would give it a go, And I can't wait to use it!

Another new thing from Lush is the 'Festive friends' gift box.
It includes, Farther christmas bath bomb, butterbear bath bomb, and the penguin bubble bar.
I have never used Farther christmas bath bomb before, or the penguin bubble bar, but I have never seen the penguin before. Maybe its just exclusive to the giftbox??
Butterbear I have used, and Its one of the best bathbombs from Lush that I have ever used! Its one of the least exciting, because it doesn't change the bath's colour, But it has the most affect on your skin.
The shea butter in it really has an affect and leaves your skin soooo soft!



  1. I'm glad to see you treated yourself! Omigosh can we just talk about Lash-sensational - it's amazing and the Benefit highlighter looks great too. I'm for sure trying out more from Benefit in 2017!! Lovely post, Lily xx

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  3. I am looking for a mascara but I have very long eyelashes already. Do you think the lash sensational would be a good product for me? xx

    1. Hello!
      I think It would be good if you wanted super long eyelashes and it would be really great for a more volumized look but if not then maybe its not the best mascara.



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