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14 January 2017

Lets talk about ... Switching off

Sleep is so Important for so many reasons, the more sleep you get the happier you are, and in order to be as productive as you can be, you need to be as focused and awake as you can possibly be. 
Instead of just watching one (or five) more episodes of your favourite tv show, get some sleep and make sure you are super happy the following day!

The most Important thing your gonna need to do to make sure you get the best quality of sleep, is to turn off  all electronical devices. Bury your phone and your laptop under a pile of clothes in your wardrobe so your not tempted to 'just quickly check Instagram'. 
Try to turn off your phone and laptop and hour before you go to bed. I turn my phone of half an hour before I go to bed, and its really helpful.

If you are a Candle lover then maybe lighting a candle or two before you go to bed might float ya' boat??
You could go for a candle with a scent that will definately send you of to ZZZ such as lavender??
If you do light any candles, make sure you blow them out before you fall asleep!

Reading is also a really good way to switch off. Taking the time to read for a couple of minuites every evening really calms you down and helps you get to sleep.

Im currently reading the book 'underwater' by Marisa Reichardt and its so good, to anyone looking for a good book, its worth getting your hands on this!

Writing a Diary is a very good way to end the day, organising your thoughts is a super helpful thing to do before going to bed. Getting everything down on paper is so helpful and just makes sure your not finding it hard to sleep because of any stress or worries. 
Its also really nice to look back on in the future and see what you did every day!

Having a relaxing bath really calms you down and is great to have before bed.
Lush are amazing for bathbombs and bubble bars that will 100% help you get to sleep. The comforter bubble bar is so good for switching off and they also do some really good lavender face masks that will absolutely make you fall fast Zzz.

If you want to, you could also moisturise or apply some hand cream before bed, so you feel super freshhh and clean when you get into bed. Feeling gross and clammy is one of my pet hates so this is really good for me.

Also, you could always have a walm mug of Camomile tea before bed. This is SOOO helpful for getting a good nights sleep.


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