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04 April 2017

Loving yourself

I know that caring for other people and putting others first comes naturally and helping someone out makes you feel really good about yourself. But Putting yourself first is also just as important. Its not selfish to care for yourself. And there are so many ways you can do it.


Caring for yourself doesn't mean just being kind to yourself always, Doing things that make you happy and taking care of your body also are just as important.

I have started using an app called Swortkit, Its a workout app. It gives you the option to create your own workouts or do one the app has itself. You can do yoga, stretching, and strength workouts and cardio. I have been using it every morning to do seven minuites of yoga and five minuites of stretching. I also try to do a ten minuite workout on there everyday.
Doing this really lifts my mood and makes me feel so much more acomplished and good about myself. Not to mention that by doing this you are also getting fitter!

Another way to care for yourself would be to treat yourself to a pedicure. You will feel so fresh and confident afterwards, its really worth it.

Go out in the sun! It is proven to lift your mood and it will make you so happy and you will feel so active and good about yourself if you just get outside and do something!


Getting your thoughts out on paper by journaling is a really good way to care for yourself emotionally. I really enjoy journaling and It helps me to get things out on paper. Its also a really good thing to be able to look back on, especially if you write it in your teenage years when you would have the most interesting things to say.

Take some time out for yourself. Don't make any plans and just have a cosy night at home. You could have a relaxing bath and watch netflix. Its good to take time out for you, it helps you re-charge your batteries and just have some relaxing time on your own.

Having a clean bedroom or area in your home is something i find so helpfull. I feel so much more motivated and productive when I have a tidy room and it makes everything so much nicer. I tidied my room yesterday and now its so tidy, and I feel so happy in here right now just because of how clean and tidy it is. It really does have a huge affect.


Going out with my friends is something that makes me so happy and I really enjoy myself.
Its something that everybody should make time for in their life. Do it as much as you can.If you have friends that Love and appreciate you then you will really enjoy yourself and leave feeling so happy and good about yourself.


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