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12 May 2017

New in: Beauty | 2

Back in January I wrote a post all about the new beauty products I had bought and received over the Christmas period, It went down really well and is one of my most popular posts so I thought I would do a second one.
It has just been my birthday so as you can imagine I have received and also decided to treat myself to some new beauty products, that I thought I would share with you all!

Soap and Glory's supercat skinny eyeliner pen

I saw this at the Soap and Glory stand in Boots and knew I had to have it. I had been really wanting a good eyeliner, specifically an eyeliner pen for so long and it was at a good price, and knowing that Soap and Glory are an amazing brand and have good quality products, I knew it would be great.
And it is! The brush is very fine and creates a neat perfectly black line. Its a very flexible brush which I love as, lets be real here, its the hardest thing ever to get a straight, smudge free eye line.

Eylure brow trio brow palette 

I'm not as in love with this as I am the rest of the new products.
I thought this palette was good quality and I loved the brow highlighter, It was really simple to apply and it stays on really well. My only problem is that its slightly dark for me. I am a blonde and I have very fair eyebrows so if my eyebrows are too dark it can look monstrous. I found that only applying a small amount worked well for me, but I wouldn't recommend applying huge amounts, I would say be very sparing if you have extremely fair hair, like me.

Kiko Milano Acrylic green nail polish

Lately I have been loving dark green colours, and I have seen some really cool dark green nails! So I popped into Kiko and had a little look at their nail polishes. And I found the most beautiful acrylic green nail polish. I fell head over heals in love with it straight away, and I'm pretty sure It was only ten seconds after I had seen it that I was already at the counter ready to pay.
It cost one pound, which is amazing value for money.
Kiko is the perfect brand if your looking for high quality make up at a low price. I'm sure that the nail varnish was on sale, but It cant have been much more expensive if it weren't on sale. I highly recommend Kiko to anyone looking to buy some amazing make up for low prices.

Real Technique eye brushes

Real Technique do the best brushes I have ever known. If you remember from my last 'New in: Beauty' post I included the Real Technique face brushes set, after using them I really wanted to try the eye brushes. And they are perfection!
Like the face brushes the quality is really good and I know they will last me a long time.
The set includes, A deluxe crease brush, a fine liner brush, a base shadow brush, a brow brush and an accent brush.
The brushes apply so well and since using them I have noticed a huge difference in my eye make up in terms of how long it stays and how good it looks.


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