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06 May 2017

The Banana Berry smoothie

Lately I have been really enjoying making smoothies. I always have loved buying smoothies and making my own at home, but now that I was given a 'Nutri ninja' blender for my birthday, I have fallen more and more in love with homemade smoothies.

This morning I experimented with a new recipe that I made up as I went along, basically throwing anything that would go well together into the blender, and it turned out really nicely- so i'm going to share it with you!

You will need:
1 banana 
1 hand full of blueberries 
1 hand full of almonds
1 hand full of cashew nuts 
2 hand fulls of frozen berries (what berries you use are optional, but I used frozen strawberries, blackberries, black currants, and red currants)
3 Mint leaves

How to:
1. I started by peeling one whole banana and slicing small pieces into the blender.
2. I then added one hand full of blueberries ( I made sure I used the blueberries that were most firm as this means they are the ripest)
3. Next added a hand full of frozen berries. I used a bag full of mixed berries from M&S, It contained Frozen strawberries, Blackberries, Black currants and red currants.
4. The next step is to add some mint leaves. I added three which gave it a slight hint of mint but I personally find that more than that is too overpowering. But its all about personal preference.
5. I added nuts because it gives the smoothie a slight creamy texture, and its also a really good way to include nuts into your diet as eating a hand full of nuts every day is said to increase the length of your life. I added a hand full of almonds and a hand full of cashew nuts.
6. I then blended it all for about thirty seconds.
7. And that is it- you now have yourself a delicious smoothie!


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