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14 June 2017

How to: find inspiration

Coming up with new ideas can be really hard, I used to be known for posting that picture on instagram and telling people to comment what they wanted me to blog about, or posting endless amounts of Q&A's, all because I had not inspiration, or ideas about what to post.

I know so many of people struggle to stay motivated, so I thought I would offer my advice to anyone in need of it, as finding inspiration is something I have gradually gotten quite good at.

Get outdoors more
How are you ever going to have any new ideas when you are staying at home in your pyjamas all day? Getting out of your house means you will get to see more of the world, even if you don't go far. Being outdoors and  just doing more sparks so many creative ideas that you wouldn't of had of you never left your comfort zone and stayed tucked up in bed binge watching Netflix (pretty little liars can wait). I have found that I take my better instagram pictures and create a hell of a lot of better content when I have been outdoors more. After all, there are only so many photos of cacti on my window sill i can post, no matter how gorgeous they are. 

Reading is brilliant for finding inspiration. You could find some really good ideas from a book, if you look hard enough! 
I actually got the idea for this blog post from 'Bloom' by Estee Lalonde. And I also get a lot of Ideas from Vogue.
I read a lot of things, that may be a magazine article, a book or another blog, and I will naturally form an opinion. If I think its interesting then I might share it in a blog post!

Bringing nature inside
Plants release energy that makes you happy, the happier you are the more creative you are and you will get so many good ideas from the energy they release (I'm starting to sound like a bit of a crazy plant lady). But, honestly its true. I have so many cactus' on my desk and they make my room feel so much more healthy and alive. They are in the perfect place for the sun to hit them in the evening and it looks beautiful (especially because I choose to keep them In a copper wire basket).

Pinterest really is 'the worlds catalogue of ideas'. If I ever want any inspiration for interiors, hair, make up or even how I should look after my skin, I always turn to pinterest. 
I have a board for practically anything, (hair, make-up, interior, shoes... You name it, there will be a board specifically for it). Pinterest is the place to go when you want some inspiration or want to know how to do anything - like anything, whatever you want, there will be an answer, I promise.



  1. Along with all of the things you mentioned, I also believe that other people's creativity makes my inspiration bloom. A blogpost, a youtube video, a song, a drawing - anything that involves creative thinking really makes me come up with different ideas. Nice post,btw! :)

    1. Yes I absolutely agree! I should of mentioned that In the post. Glad you liked it though xx


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