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20 June 2017

Let's talk about... Body Image

If you are are growing up in the same way that I am, you will know that, for women, feeling ashamed or embarrassed about your body, is the norm. Body Image issues are something that all women in the 21st century have to deal with on a daily basis.

Body Image is the way someone perceives their body and assumes others perceive them.

It not only affects women in the way that they see themselves, it also stops us from doing important, life-changing things. The statistic, 89% of women cancel important events such as job interviews because of the way they look, is absolutely mind blowing.

Body Image is a global issue that needs to be talked about more. Girls need to be educated in body confidence, in order for women to feel empowered and for a change to be made.
Although hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes are absolutely bossing it, and being so open and confident in their skin, more change needs to be made.

"There are some evil voices inside the heads of girls that tell us we are too fat, too skinny, not pretty enough, not cool enough, and these voices are constantly yelling inside our brains! Back then I didn't understand that these voices are telling lies. And thankfully I am now in a place where I have learnt to silence those voices."

- Estee Lalonde

Its important for teen girls, and women, to know that only five percent of women have the 'perfect body' and every body has something they don't like about themselves. Nobody is perfect, and even if you don't see any flaws in that popular girl with boys falling at her feet, she for sure has something she dislikes about herself.
Everybody does. For me I have quite pale skin and I find it hard to tan. My best friend thinks she is flat chested, lots of my friends think they are fat. This is because women are critical, especially of themselves, and we always see the good in others more than we do in ourselves.

I love that magazines such as 'teen vogue' have a variety of models, all different shapes and sizes.
Its something that all magazines and advertising brands should do, as it helps girls to feel they have a good body too, and stops them having a 'perfect', photo-shopped, made-up body to compare their own to.

The fact that only 8% of women in Japan believe they are beautiful is horrifying! We should feel pride in telling the world we are beautiful, we should not feel like, by saying so, we are being self centred bitches!

Every single person in this whole wide world has flaws and imperfections. But everybody also has beautiful qualities that make them unique.

Body confidence is closely liked to self-esteem. If you have a low self-esteem then you will feel worse about your body and you will put yourself down, someone with a high self-esteem will do the opposite and will love themselves, in the best way possible.

Something I have found out since moving away from a negative group of friends and making friends with a group of lovely girls who have been amazing friends to me, is that I feel prettier and more confident in my body. I used to think I was a bit podgy and had a pointy nose with redness surrounding it. I used to hate my hair and the freckles on my nose and eyelids. I used to hate my figure too. But since being happier and probably having a higher self-esteem, I have started to feel bloody gorgeous. Part of feeling beautiful is feeling happy, so if you are unhappy in any aspect of your life them I encourage you to make it better. If that be a friendship, a relationship, a job, anything, get rid of it, move away, its always better in the end!

If our society were a happier one, then maybe our women would have less body image problems?
At the moment 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. This number NEEDS to go down.

I'm not afraid to say I am beautiful, because I am. So are you.



  1. i genuinely love this post! your words are so true and lovely! we should all appreciate what we have and be happy with how we look.

    1. Yes we absolutely should! Thank you so much, I'm glad you love the post!

  2. i love this post!


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