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04 July 2017

My Skincare routine

Lately I have really been trying to get rid of all of my little blemishes, spots and just in general get myself some clearer skin. I thought at first that this would be something that I would spend months over, I had heard so many acne horror stories. Where the victim can't get rid of any of their spots for yearsssss.  I don't have acne but, like any other girl my age, I do suffer from spottiness.

So I started taking care of my skin properly, something I would do on and off most of the time, wearing a hell of a lot less make-up, and drinking more water. Water had a huge affect and I'm pretty sure most of the clearing up was due to how much I suddenly started drinking... but we should probably give some sort of credit to the my skincare routine.

Step 1- Removing make up
Although I am trying to take care of my skin and get rid of those nasty problem areas, I have still been a little lazy... Cleansing for me, is quite a long boring process, so I prefer to get the make up off as quickly as possible with 'Simple spotless skin, cleansing facial wipes'. They are especially for those who have a thew little blemishes that need getting rid of, they are just perfect and so easy. I have been using them since I hit the spotty stage and they have really helped.

Step 2 - Face scrubs
I love face scrubs (especially those colour changing ones), it has to be my favourite part of the skincare routine. They are essentially face masks that aren't messy and don't get in your hair or up your nose! I use the 'Soap and Glory, no clogs aloud' scrub once a week. Its great for any blocked pores and it also really help you get some really firm skin.

Step 3 - Face masks
As with face scrubs, I use a face mask once a week. I am not a huge fan of face masks, as I mentioned earlier, I find them quite messy and hard to get out of your hair. Though I do use a homemade one that I made with cocoa powder, almonds, yogurt, honey... ect. I have noticed some really big differences in my skin since using it.

Step 4 - Moisturiser
Moisturiser, for me is the most important. They make your skin so soft, yet at the same time help to free you of all those spots. I use the 'Simple spotless skin, anti-blemish moisturiser'. It comes from the same collection as the face wipes and is also especially for those with a couple of spots. I have used this for as long as I can remember, but lets be real I did not use it every day. Now I have started to do that, I have noticed big changes!


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