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22 August 2017

7 secrets to getting glowy skin | #AD

Everyone wants to have lovely glowy, healthy skin. BUT... having to go through your whole skincare routine every evening is so boring and so time consuming. Do you feel me? Believe it or not, there are ways to look after your skin and achieve that healthy, radiant look without spending hours on a skincare routine!

1. Drink lots of water- 
Making sure you drink eight glasses of water a day is so important and has amazing benefits to your skin and also your mental health. I am such a sucker for not doing this, I mean I try, but it can be hard to remember. So I just like to make sure that I bring a bottle of water out with me when I can, always have water with meals and also have a glass on my desk while I'm writing!

2. Eat healthily-
I'm not saying you should stop binging on chocolate, we all need to every once in a while! But as well as binging on chocolate, make sure you have five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. And not liking any vegetables is no excuse...

3. If you can, cut down on make-up-
If you LOVE make-up, then maybe this isn't such a good idea for you. I strongly believe that make-up isn't just a way to cover imperfections- it's also a way to feel confident!
But if you can, try sticking to essentials. For me that's concealer and mascara. And a benefit of this is... if you take better care of your skin you won't have as much you feel you need to cover with your make up!
Highlight and contour are especially bad for causing spots and pimples, so if you can stop wearing as much of them!

4. Remove your make-up properly-
There's not much I can say here, apart from make sure its all off before you go to bed- you don't want to wake up with a hundred new pimples do you?

5. Moisturise-
Having a full on skincare routine every evening is so time consuming, and if I'm honest I'm never bothered to do it. So instead, I just apply some of my 'Simple spotless skin anti blemish' moisturiser. I LOVE this stuff, I have spoken about it so many times before. Its a genius for clearing up my skin.
If ya interested in finding out a bit more about it you can check out my skincare routine or  the acne/break out skincare routine.

6. Get out in the sunshine-
Even if its just for fifteen minutes, let the Vitamin D work its wonders!

7. Face masks-
I love treating myself to a face-mask every so often! One of my favourites is the 'Fresher me Dead Sea mud mask'.
It contains so many brilliant ingredients that have great benefits to your skin (Natural organic Australian black mud to detox the skin, Aloe Vera to reduce ageing, Licorice root extract to tone the skin, Vitamin B pro 5 helps the skin to absorb moisture and Organic sunflower seed oil, which also protects your skin against ageing and improves your skins health).
This mud mask also doesn't dry on your skin, which is a massive plus for me as I hate it when mud masks dry on my skin, its so hard to get off and also makes my skin so red, doesn't that just take away all the goodness its done to my skin?

Fresher me is my go-to brand when it comes to face masks! They use all natural and organic ingredients, they are cruelty free, and each pot contains 50ml, which provides 8-12 applications!

To purchase your own Dead Sea mud mask by fresher me, check out their website

~Thank you to Fresher me for helping out with this post~



  1. Yass,wearing less makeup transformed my skin from being a spotty nightmare.Also I strongly agree with your first tip,drinking water is fab for keeping skin clear by flushing out toxins.Lovley post as always x

    1. Thank you so much! - I'm glad it worked for you too!


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