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19 August 2017

7 ways to use notebooks | #AD

If you are anything like me, then you have shelves full of notebooks just waiting to be used. And lets be real, It can be pretty hectic. But figuring out what to do with them is just so, so hard. And, what makes it even worse is... I cannot stop buying them! If anyone else feels the same then here is a list of ideas for you...

1. A journal 
I know lots of people write in their journals daily, though you really don't have to. I only write in mine when I want to. If I have had just an average day where nothing very bad has happened but also nothing amazing has happened then I tend to not write. Though keeping a journal is a great way to get things off your chest and also to share your happiness. Also it would be really cool to look back on!

2. A collage journal -
This is for people who love magazine (especially the photos in them!), you could have a notebook dedicated to collaging? If you see a nice photo, quote or anything in a magazine, then cut it out and stick it into your notebook.

3. Dream log-
Is it just me or does anyone else wake up in the morning after having a crazy dream and then fall straight back to sleep and forget all about it? I know I do this all the time, which is why I started writing a dream log. As soon as you wake up after having a crazy dream, you record it in your dream log notebook. I think its really cool. And like a regular journal, its really fun to look back on!

4. To-do lists-
I have a notebook for this exact purpose, I love to write things down on paper rather than setting reminders on my phone. Though phone reminders can be useful for when your out and about, when I am at home, especially on a day where I have loads of writing and emails and all the stuff you have to do when writing a blog to do, then I love making to-do lists on paper, in my notebook.

5. A travel journal-
I love taking photographs, especially holiday snaps! I also love having a little sit down with a cup of tea and sorting through old photographs, reminiscing of old holidays, and happy memories. But I do think that having a travel journal to look back on is a great idea too, as it records more of the little details than a picture does, where sometimes you can only remember the view, rather than all the little details, which are just as important as the view, believe me!

6. planning-
I have multiple notebooks for planning blog content, but I recently bought a new one that I have managed to squeeze all the bits of information into, and its a lot less hectic now!
Even if you don't blog, you probably have something worth planning in your notebook, that could be work stuff, or homework if your still in school, or like me you could just have a hobby that needs a bit of planning!

7. A gratitude log-
I can barely remember to write in my journal, so a gratitude log isn't something I have ever done, but it does seem like a nice idea to make a list every day before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning of things your grateful for. Remembering what you have is always good,  and it helps you to feel and be more grateful in your everyday life, without you even realising your doing it!

As well as having something personal written inside your notebooks, I also think its nice if the actual notebook is personalised too! It just makes it seem even more special!

Rosemary London are a lovely brand who sell all things stationary, their notebooks are especially gorgeous and affordable. They even give you the option to have your notebook personalised!

Its worth checking their website  out, if you want to stock up on notebooks, even if you haven't got through them all yet!

~Thank you Rosemary London for helping out with this post~



  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE your blog- it looks so beautiful and your posts are so creative! I love this post- definitely going to use some of these ideas i love notebooks! <3 xx

    1. Aww, thanks lovely! It means a lot! I LOVE your blog too xx

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aaah loved this. I already have a journal but I'd also love to do a dream journal too and a travel one ! I also have one journal for blog ideas �� �� ��


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