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14 August 2017

Come to Alonissos with me

This year was my first time ever going to Greece, and its got to be the furthest I've ever gone from home before. It took a three and a half hour plane journey, a night in a hotel on Skiathos and a two hour boat trip the next day, not forgetting uncountable taxi rides, to get to Alonissos. But it was all worth it in the end.

Alonissos is a small Greek island, its very quiet and there aren't many tourists at all. Its incredibly beautiful and everyone is really friendly.                                                                                            

We stayed in a holiday home in Steni Vala, one of the towns in Alonissos.

From the house we were living in we could go down one path to the public beach or another to a quieter, smaller beach which was only for people staying in the same holiday area as us. And you know me, I only went to the quieter beach!

I spent most of my time on the beach with my head stuck in a book or I was Snorkelling in the sea with an underwater camera. I saw some beautiful fish and me and my brother spent a long time filming them all. We also did loads of Kayaking in the sea and paddle boarding. I had never paddle boarded before going to Alonissos. But let me tell you, it is so much fun! One thing you shouldn't do though, is let your mum leave you in the middle of the sea while she paddles away singing the Hawaii five O theme tune, that's always a bad idea, trust me I have experience.

As well as chillin' on the beach, we also had an explore around some of the towns. One of my favourites was the old village (that's what its called I'm not just calling it that!).
It was so beautiful, all the walls were painted bright colours and there were loads of quiet back streets that were perfect for Instagram! Also, can we just mention the amount of gorgeous succulents there...

We went in the evening and had dinner there, at a Pizza place called Diablo's. I had a Margarita pizza (which was SO good)  sitting on the balcony, watching the sun set. 

We also went to some great restaurants in the main village, patitiri, they had amazing burgers and the smoothies were just heavenly!


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