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16 August 2017

What I wore in Alonissos

While exploring the villages in Alonissos, I had a bit of an outfit shoot (as usual). I just couldn't help it, there were so many beautiful walls and backstreets.
This particular outfit was what I wore to visit Hayiati, the old village. Though I pretty much wore this outfit everywhere else too!

Gingham is pretty much my favourite pattern at the moment (after stripes, obviously...). Its everywhere, when I went into H&M and bought this dress I think I spent about half an hour just looking at the Gingham section, basically.

At first I wasn't sure about Gingham,  I think my biggest worry was looking like walking, talking, table cloth, but one of my friends just said that I should go for it so .... I did. And thankfully, I don't look like a walking, talking table cloth... (well at least I don't think I do, you might think otherwise).

P.s ... Has anyone else ever been photo bombed by a stray cat? No? Okay... moving on.

I am that person who spends weeks on end looking for a pair of shoes, because I just don't like anything. Sandals are especially hard to shop for because I don't like many, I also have really wide feet which makes it kinda hard to find shoes that my feet don't explode out of.

But these sandals from Asos are perfect, they fit my feet really well and they don't make my feet look like bricks, which is always a plus. I love this style of sandals, I have been seeing them quite a lot recently and I think they go with the dress really well.


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  1. This is sweet and gorgeous dress for girls. You are looking amazing in this short dress. This is a good picnic dress.


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