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21 October 2017

2 excuses that are holding you back

I feel like everybody will worry and obsess over the many excuses not to do something at some point in their life. No, actually more than once, millions of times.

I hate those excuses, I hate that I use them all the time and I hate when people around me use them.

This is what I'm talking about....

Having no money
I know, I know. You don't always have money, especially as a teenager. But if you have no money for something then the worst thing you can do is sit around thinking your idea would never work out.  Start saving! Get a weekend job if your old enough, babysit, do chores around the house, if you don't already get pocket money then maybe ask your parents for some? Just make sure you get to enjoy yourself and treat yourself, don't let having no money hold you back from having fun!

Not having enough time
By this I don't mean little things like having a smoothie with your friends, I mean big things like holidays and experiences you want to have, things that might be on your bucket list?

I think people think that they will have loads of time to do this stuff in the future. Nope, if your busy now then how do you know you won't be then? You just need to do these things now! Don't wait till your too old, please, one day you won't be able to go on holiday or do all these amazing, adventurous things- so do them NOW!

Quick q's to ask yourself...

1. What do you have to loose?
2. Will you enjoy the experience or the outcome of doing it? If yes, then its worth it!
3. Would you be disappointed if you didn't do this? If you would then go and do it!

Things to remember...

1. You only have one life, so you need to live it to the max and stop worrying!
2. Doing things you enjoy makes you happy (obvs...) and that will benefit everything else you do as well!
3. Your own wellbeing is your number one priority, so make sure your happy with your decision!



  1. I always say I have no time. Between work and sleeping there's not much spare, but if you plan ahead you will always find some. Something silly like we've always wanted to go to Disneyland Florida. It's planned but for years time, but it's still planned! | Decorating our flat for Halloween �� "

    1. That's a really good point- I should have included that in the post! Xx

  2. I really need to stop using these phrases, as I'm terrible for using both of them! I really need to start planning my time out properly xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Great post, very inspiring! There are sometimes circumstances that I say these phrases and actually mean them, but sometimes I'm definitely just using them as an excuse!

    Anika |


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