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12 November 2017

Affordable products for winter pampering

I promised myself I wouldn't post anything at all festive until at least December the first, but I think Christmas has hit me harder than I thought it would this year. I have a Christmas playlist already, which never normally happens this early, but I guess we gotta embrace the festivity, right?

Winter is obviously the best time to have a hot bath and do a lil' bit of pampering, so I thought why not share some of my fave pamper products for winter time??

The body shop coconut body milk

I think everyone knows how obsessed I am with coconut, the smell is just so fresh and clean. To be honest, I would have thought that coconut would be more of a Spring/Summer scent, but there is something so festive about this particular product! Its super creamy and it really is like a bottle of coconut milk! This is by far the best product for moisturising that I have EVER tried, it leaves my skin feeling like silk!

Zoella Beauty Ginger Cream

This smells so festive, it really is Christmas in a bottle! Its a very warm scent, it smells like your house after you've just baked gingerbread.
I bought the mini version, because I thought what's the point in having a big one when I'm only going to use it once a year? I'm not kidding when I say that this is going on display nearer to Christmas!

Barry M Glitter polish - Jinglebells

You can't have Christmas without just a tiny bit of glitter... Or loads! This polish just screams Christmas for me, its always been my go-to around this time of year! I always like to do a coat of it on top of something a little less stand out, Red works really well and is perfect for December!

Barry M Gelly nail polish - Almond

If you're not so fussed about sparkles, then maybe something more natural would be up your street?
This nail polish is gorgeous, it works all year round and its pretty much my signature shade. Its also a Gel polish, which means it looks so neat and so Flawless. When I wear this people ask me if I'm wearing acrylics! I highly recommend this if you love a neutral shade or if you love bolds!



  1. These all sound like great products. I love the color of that nail polish.

  2. I love the body shop coconut butter! These all look great x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  3. Barry M do some really great nail colours!
    Amber |

  4. The Zoella ginger bread cream looks so cool! I definitely have to get it! Just added it to my wishlist!
    Xx Victoria

  5. I have been meaning to try Watts up for ages!

    Vanessa x |

  6. I have tested the Body Shop coconut milk before, but I have been thinking about the Zoella hand cream, it sounds so divine! But such a good picks, especially the glitter nail polish! You are so right with that, you need glitter in Christmas.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

  7. I need to try the zoella ginger cream!

  8. Barry M Almond is such a staple for me. Lovely shade.

    Sincerely, Sarah xx


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