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10 December 2017

My end of 2017 to-do list

2017 is coming to an end and I hate to say the same as everyone else at the moment, but bloody 'ell it's gone fast! I really do feel like I've blinked and the whole year has been and gone.

This year has been a good one, I defiantly feel like I've done lots of fun things and achieved a bunch of my goals that, let's be honest, I didn't actually call 'resolutions' because that make the situation a whole lot more stressy.

But I also feel like there is SO much more that I want to do before the year's over, so I thought I would compile a lil' list for ya all!

- Get my best friends the best Christmas prezzies EVER!
- Do 'secret Santa' with a group of my friends
- bake my family a batch of mince pies (will probs be eaten by me alone)
- go ice skating
- dec the house with all the festive vibes
- actually finish my scrap book for this year
- take some v gorgeous pics for next year
- plan some collab posts (get excited!)
- buy the Christmas edition of every single magazine on the rack (well, not all but you know what I'm getting at...)
- do my nails for Christmas and make sure they look a least half decent.

What are your goals for the end of the year?


  1. I really want to go ice skating too and plan my collabs for 2018! <3

    1. I'm definitely looking forwards to planning more of my 2018 content - and of course finally posting it!! Xx

  2. i definitely baked mince pies for my fam earlier this month too...and i definitely ended up eating 99% of them mysef! they're just soooo good, give me ALL THE PASTRY!!

    my plans so far are literally just to drink as much mulled wine as is physically possible!

    katie. xx

  3. These are great goals to have. I don't have a list like this but some that you mentioned sound like fun, like going ice-skating or do my nails for Christmas since I haven't done them in forever!

  4. I agree, it does seem like 2017 has gone by quite rapidly. Sounds like a good list. you have.

  5. This is a fab to do list! I want to finish my reading list for the year and spend lots of quality time with my partner and family :-) Have a lovely Christmas!

  6. These are so lovely!

    Ellie xx

  7. My goals are:
    -go ice skating
    -go to cute cchristmasy cafe with my friends

    1. I would love to go to a cute christmassy cafe too xx

  8. Your photos are gorgeous so professional!
    Great post I'm stealing some ideas from yourto do list
    ! If you'd like to follow one another, I'm following you now!!

    1. I'm glad you liked the photos, thank you lovely! X

  9. Very nice looking very cute


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