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06 January 2018

New in: Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery I'm v specific about what I like. I find it so hard to find jewellery pieces that I like and would wear. I am one hundred percent a minimalist when it comes to what I like in a necklace but there aren't very many affordable pieces that don't scream sparkly!

A while ago I discovered the brand jewellery box after they sent me an offer to work with them on two lil' projects and since then I have been head over heals in love with their dreamy pieces. And they are v minimal so...

I was sent two gorgeous necklaces and a ring, but I have obvs gone back and bought myself a hella lot more.

These are by far my favourite earrings evaaaa! I don't think I've actually taken them off since Christmas Day?! They are the perf size, not wayyy to big, but also not too tiny. 

This lil' beauty from Oliver Bonas is just as gorgeous as the earrings and I've been wearing it just as often. I absolutely love the look of layered jewellery so I've been wearing this with my Karma circle necklace from Jewellery box.

I also v much love these copper bar studs. I would definitely say that they are noticeable and obviously incredibly beautiful, whilst still being subtle.

I've always really loved the look of studs that are geometric shapes, so I obvs had to get me hands on these gold triangle earrings, which let me tell you are too dreamy for words!

Another set to add to my 'geometric shape jewellery' collection (jks... I don't have a collection just yet!) are these beautiful silver hexagon studs which are possibly the best things in my life atm! I just love them, they are frickin' gorgeous!


  1. I don't own many jewellery pieces but I'd love to but some geometric shape earrings and necklace!

  2. Simple jewellery is also my fav! These pieces look so cute.
    Amber |

  3. Ok, I love these! These pieces are gorgeous, I'm checking them out now!!

    I have just posted my first blog -

  4. im a big fan of minimalist jewellery as well, loving geometric shapes so im heart eye emoji-ing over your earrings!

    katie. xx

  5. These are so pretty. I love statement jewellery but for every day simple stud earring are my go-to and I have so many x

    1. I'm the same. I love to go big and wear something more statement sometimes, but for the everyday its minimal, minimal, minimal! Xx


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