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27 December 2017

Where to stop for coffee in London

I get way too excited by an Insta-worthy coffee shops and London has A LOT of them. So I guess you could say I'm V lucky to be living here! I have so many favourites which I am obvs gonna share with ya all!

Image result for grind coffee cafe covent garden
Photo Credit: Grind

Another of Covent gardens beautiful coffee shops, Grind is the perfect stop off for a delicious coffee!

Image result for Origin cOFFEE shop
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

Origin Coffee Shop
Next time you find yourself in Kings cross or Hammersmith, check out Origin!
Image result for story coffee clapham
Photo credit: Tatler Magazine

Story Coffee

Clapham have some lovely coffee shops, but Story coffee has got to be the best!

Image result for peggy porschen cakes
Photo Credit: Homegirl London

Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen cakes is one of London's most famous coffee shops, its well known for how instagrammable it is!

Related image
Photo Credit: Thetrendpear

The Farm girl cafe
The farm girl cafe is perfect for vegans and vegetarians!

Related image
Photo credit: Excuse me man

Tap Coffee 193
Tap Coffee is the perfect place to spend your lunch break, they have the most amazing coffee's and tea's.

Related image
Photo Credits: The Telegraph

The HummingBird bakery
The Hummingbird bakery is everyone's go-to place for the most gorgeous cupcakes, and they aren't just pretty, they taste like perfection too!
Related image
Photo Credits: The islington design guide

The Coffee works Project
Islington is full to the brim of perfect coffee shops, but the Coffee works project is by far one of the best!

Image result for ginger and mint crouch end
Photo Credits: Deliveroo

Ginger and Mint

Ginger and mint is one of crouch end's most loved spots for healthy smoothies and juices. Its just perfect for vegans and vegetarians. I spotted some V beautiful looking Cinnamon tea in there too, which makes everything seem a lot more exciting!

Image result for Primrose bakery
Photo credit: Babycinno kids 

Primrose Bakery
This is a definite must when visiting Covent Garden or primrose hill! Primrose bakery is one of the most gorgeous coffee shops in London and has the most delicious cakes and coffees.


  1. I love London.. I love coffee.. perfect!

    xx Lisa |

  2. I wish I had read this post last year when I was living in UK, now being in Spain, it will be more difficult to try some of this hahahaah


    1. Oh! What a shame! I bet Spain have some gorgeous coffee shops too though xx

  3. Thanks for sharing these amazing spots, i have been living in London all my life and always end up going to the same places time and time again. I will make it my new years resolutions to visit as many of these cafes as possible.

    Vanessa x |

    1. Aww! I'm so glad you liked it! Let me know if you go to any of the cafe's xx

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  5. Peggy Porchen is one I have on my list, its so perfect and pretty!

  6. Replies
    1. Yes! it's the best, the cakes are delicious! Xx

  7. These places sound really good to visit.

  8. I wish where I live, in Edmonton, Canada had more unique little coffee shops or bakeries! I mean we have them, but in the hardest-to-get-to places on the opposite end of the city as from where I live.

    Kyia Belle //

    1. That's a shame, but I've always loved the look of Canada! You're so lucky to live there xx


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