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30 January 2018

How to be an early bird

I've always, always been a morning person. For me waking up early is natural, I don't have to try and get up at the crack of dawn, I just do. Some people hate the idea, I love it. On the rare occasion that I lye in, its not fun. I feel like my whole day is passing by while I lay in bed looking like a walking, talking pig in blankets.

 I find that I am wayyyy more productive in the mornings, which is why I love the fact that I wake up so early. Though being an early riser is the norm for me, there are some v easy ways to get up earlier in the mornings.

Set an alarm

Waking up to the sound of your alarm is... hell. But it does mean that you are awake a lot earlier than you would have been if you hadn't have set it. You just have to make sure you DON'T put it on snooze... again, and again, and again.

Crack on

Once you've woken up get on with whatever you need to do, to avoid the chance of you getting straight back in to bed and falling back to Zzzz.

Have breakfast

the more energy you have the more likely you are to actually want to be productive rather than sleep in. Doing this will make you feel like you're getting up on any other morning and distract you from the act that you've done an amazing thing and gotten up early, ready to be v productive.

It's true that the early bird catches the worm so set your alarms!!


  1. Girl, I RELATE. Hahah I'm an early bird myself (doesn't naturally wake up at any hour past 7 AM) and it's really more of a blessing. I enjoy having some time in the morning to read, enjoy breakfast, etc. It affects your day so much!
    Lovely photos btw. x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. I used to be desastrous at getting out of bed, but living together with my boyfriend has had such a positive influence on me on this front. At first he had to drag me out of bed in the morning and now I even get up earlier than him in the weekends :D It's so true that your day just feels way more energetic and productive this way!!

    Nimue from #Idle

  3. I am the worst morning person! This is one of my fave interviews ever- she talks about being broke, sleeping in and being unmotivated-
    I now try to use that 5 second rule too xx

  4. Loving your style! You are so chic. Would you like to follow for follow on Bloglovin? :)



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