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27 January 2018

Let's not waste time, ok?

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to do more. No matter what aspect of my life that be in - I want to blog more, I want to laugh more, I want to go out more. I want to do more in general.

I frickin' love planning ahead. Organising is my middle name. But why do I never make plans with my friends? I rely on them to invite me to go out with them, when its MY responsibility to do it too!
I have so, so, so much fun and I love doing things but I spend too much of my time inside, too bored for my lil brain to handle.

I'm thinking of going on an internet detox from my personal social media accounts. But obvs not the blog. This is a positive place that I v much want to be a part of. It sounds crazy... but I really don't like scrolling through my personal Instagram feed. Even if it's just a cute lil' selfie of my best friend, I hate it. Everything feels like such a competition. Everyone wants to have the most followers and the pictures don't seem genuine to me. I feel like it's full of people I know putting on an act and trying to be something their not for the likes. I just wanna log off and take a break from it all. I find it wayyyy to stressy! Hopefully this will help me to be more social in real life and spend less time on a screen.

To carry on with my resolution, I'm going to make sure that I have at least one fun thing planned every weekend. 

I just hate the idea of growing old and looking back to see that I've done nothing. Wasting time is so easy and I don't even realise that I'm going it at the time. I keep on saying 'one day' but if I carry on like this I will never do those things that I want to do. 

It's time to stop wasting away my life and get on with living. 



  1. i feel like its hard to kno in the moment if you're wasting time but only wanting to spend time wisely is a very good goal. i just came across your blog and its lovely.

  2. Really loved this! Also, that cat is adorable...
    P x


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