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01 January 2018

Oh hey, 2018!

Happy 2018!

This year I really want to make the most of the fact that its a fresh start and a new beginning! January is the perfect time to really get organised and crack on with all the newness, Which is something that I've been getting very much excited about!

In all of the excitement of the new year and making resolutions, we can easily forget about the past year and what we have done, wether its the good or the bad its SO helpful to reflect on it and take that knowledge into the new year!

I feel no shame in saying that I've had a great year. Its not been perfect, there have definitely been a lotta ups and a lotta downs, but in all I feel like its been fun!
This lil' blog has come very far in the past twelve months, I really feel like I've developed a lot and found my 'blogging voice', if you will. I've noticed the growth not only in the statistics but also in the way I feel about blogging and how its changed so much in such a small space of time.

Back in January, as much as I loved blogging, I saw it as more of a hobby. And of course it still is because I am in no way doing this as a job, but throughout the past year I have come to see this as more than a hobby. Its hard to explain because its so difficult to find words to express how I feel about it, but if you understand then you get where I'm coming from! 
I'm extremely proud of the sponsored content I've put up this year and how many relationships I've built with such lovely brands and how I've been so much more professional in the way that I work on this... 'project'? I've become so, so much more confident with myself offline and myself online and blogging!

On the topic of confidence, I have really build a LOT of it offline, in my personal life too! I'm a very shy person in some situations, though in other situations I'm very confident. In the situations where I feel less confident I think that I've got a lot better at dealing with the anxiety that I feel in those situations. Which is great and I'm so proud and happy that I've been able to do so. 

This year I have really noticed myself growing as a person, I've started to find my place a lot more and get to know what I like and what I dislike, what I'm good at and what I'm not so good at. I've always know myself quite well and understood my feelings but this year I think its really started to fall into place. I've changed A LOT, very quickly too and I will probs continue to do so for a while until everything works out how it should, but I am happy with how things are going at the moment!

Going into the new year is such an exciting concept for me because I just love planning ahead and (trying) to get into new things. 

I can confidently tell myself and you that there will be a lot more content up on the blog in 2018 and that all the content that does go up will be a lot better and a lot more detailed and professional (I think!). I'm trying especially hard with the photos at the moment and I will be carrying this on throughout this year (and forever...), the writing will be better and I PROMISE there will be more regular Instagram pictures. 

I hope you all enjoyed 2017 and that 2018 is even better for you! xx


  1. Lovely post! xx

  2. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for 2018!!! I set my goals too for the new year and I hope I will be able to achieve them, I usually take one step at a time and do things slowly.



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