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24 January 2018

Why I friggin' LOVE house plants

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, weather that be buying ways too many shoes, or absolutely killing yourself with the chocolate biscuits, they are all irrational. Mine is buying house plants.

Honestly, I can't stop myself. IKEA is the WORST! The second I walk in I'm surrounded by them and  my brain goes into overdrive, I love all of them and the idea of going home without them is... well, its  just sad.

When it comes to displaying them we have some v creative ideas in our house hold. Accidentally knocked the handle of a mug? No problem, you just got yourself a plant pot!! Seriously though.
The same applies for those uber cute cans that my mum seems to have an ever growing collection of.

    The other side of our kitchen is a lil' less... recycled? We have ourselves some even bigger cacti     with some basic brick red plant pots, because sometimes basic is da best!



  1. Replies
    1. Oh I love plants when they come in bunches, I feel like they look so much better that way xx

  2. i do love having house plants around my house!


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