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17 February 2018

Beret, babe?

If you read my 2018 to-do list then you will know that I really want to be more adventurous with my style this year and wear outfits that I truly love. This resolution called for some very lengthly Pinterest sessions, in which I saw a lotta beret's. If you know me then you know that I am NOT a hat person, but they did look ever so gorgeous so... I gave in and found myself a lil' black one on asos.

Being a hat hater, (please forgive me!) I was a little nervous about ordering this. My main concern was trying it on and hating it so much that I would never wear it and it ending up a waste of money. But I shouldn't have worried because its my favourite thing atm and no matter how hard I try, I cannot stop wearing it!

As the beret is a little bit different to anything I've bought before I thought I would embrace that and go all out with the Parisian-ness of it by pairing it with my v basic stripy top and an oversized denim jacket. I love how the jacket has rips in it, its a perfect way to dress down an outfit that could otherwise be quite put-together (for me, anyway).

Another little love of mine lately has been this black camera bag from asos. It can be SO hard to find a little cross-body bag that is both pretty and affordable, but this was only twenty two pounds on asos (I know, right?!) and the perfect size for all the essentials!

Speaking of fashion... I've been loving the brand Dresshead at the moment. They are perfect if you're on a budget as the majority of their pieces are bellow £10 (whaaaa??) If you fancy having a little browse of their website then take a look here



  1. I use to love wearing Beret when I was younger, I had a little green one and a little red one! Haha, such a classy child! I love the new camera bag too, very pretty!! xx

  2. That look is so cute! I love it.

  3. Nice article. I am trying to explore more too with my style and I think my best decision was to cut my hair. I look so different, I love it. This month I will make dreadlocks out of hem, I am excited.

    1. I cut my hair a while ago too! I really need to get it cut again though, it's getting wayyyy to long for me! Xx

  4. i am also a serial hat hater...but youre making me wanna sack it in and go beret crazy! this looks gorgeous on you, woman! goes so well with your outfit - total chic! also reminds me of blair from gossip girl and who doesn't want that?!

    katie. xx

  5. I WISH I could pull off a beret but they just dont suit me!! You look gorgeous babe

    Ellie xx

  6. Great look! I love the beret.

    Gemma x

  7. Hope you're a hat lover now! IT looks great on you and it suits your style.

  8. I tried on a beret once, and I wasn't sure if I liked it on me or not, but I might give it another shot the next time I see it in stores. And I never would have guessed that was a camera bag? x

    Kyia Belle //

  9. Such a lovely outfit, dear. Great post!


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