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11 March 2018

How I edit my Insta photos

Oh, instagram. There is something so satisfying about taking a picture that you're proud of and popping it up on the gram. Or when you look at your grid and fall in love with how the photos fit together, that's the best part...

But, for me to feel this way about my pictures, a lot of care and a hella lot of planning has to go into them. Oh, and did I mention editing?

Taking the photo...

Depending on what style of photo I’m taking I do different things. For pictures of myself, I spend a lot of time using self timer, which I have FINALLY got the hang of, but believe me it takes a lot of goes to get the perfect shot!

Flatlays are a whole other story, it usually means that I’m behind the camera, unless I want to be holding something or have my arm reaching for something in the picture. They tend to be a lot easier, it’s just arranging the props that takes the most effort. 

My pictures are usually quite bright, so when taking the picture I will turn the exposure up so it’s bright and highlights the white, but isn’t so bright that it hurts to look at. I also like to focus on one item so that the picture comes out looking top notch.

Lightroom CC ...

For an overall edit I use lightroom. I usually turn the brightness, whites, exposure and highlights up a little along with the shadows so that it doens’t look too artificial. And I will then turn the sharpness up because that will always pull things into focus and make everything stand out. 

Photoshop CC ...

After using lightroom I will go straight onto photoshop if necesarry. This is just for little touches on more specific areas of the photo. Sometimes if my skin is looking particullary problematic I will photoshop some spots out and lighten my skin tone, but never anything too drastic or fakey. 

Photoshop is also useful for getting rid of unwanted parts of photos. Say someone’s in the background of my photo, I will just use the clone tool to get rid of them. I sometimes do this to flyaway bits of hair too.


After doing all of this editing on my computer I like to send the pics over to my phone where I can pop on a filter if I want to using VSCO. I don’t use one specific filter in all of my pictures, I use the one that suits that particular photo best. Sometimes I do a little more touches on the brightenss on VSCO or on instagram’s editing tools but that is it!

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