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28 April 2018

What I've learnt from going through therapy

When I started therapy I was ~terrified~. The thought of talking to a complete stranger about some of my most personal feelings was pretty daunting, despite how open I am. But throughout the whole thing, it got easier and easier and I ended up learning a whole lot.

Therapy isn't for everyone

Once I'd finished my therapy I realised that what I had been taught by my therapist wasn't as affective as it should have been for me. We had spent a lot of time going over communication techniques, when realistically that wasn't what I needed and though I am no expert I think CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) would of been a lil more affective.

Even if you don't have a BIG problem, therapy is useful to everyone

I know, I know. This point contrasts with my last point, but hear me out...
I'm aware that not everyone has a BIG problem that they need professional help to deal with, but I also know that everyone has their little things that get them down every now and then. No matter how significant it is, talking is always helpful and it can help you to get some serious perspective on whats happening. 
Although the therapy I did wasn't so helpful to me with what I really wanted help with, it did help me in other ways and other areas where I didn't realise I needed any help.

A problem is never too small

Similarly to my last point, a problem is never too small. When I went in for my therapy, I was certain that I didn't need it and that my problem was insignificant to many other people's, but it wasn't. And like I just said, no matter how small the problem, it's always worth having a chat about it.

Sometimes you gotta go with your gut

Talking to my therapist about certain things and certain people made me realise that I didn't always agree with her and I didn't always agree with her advice or think it would be helpful. So, I didn't do it.
What I'm trying to say is, if you don't feel comfortable with something or agree with something then you don't have to do it. Just because it was a therapist who thought it was a good idea, it doesn't mean it is one.

There is no quick fix

Going into therapy, I knew it wouldn't completely change me or my problem, but I did expect to see more progress. But, I think I kind of expected that to happen all by itself. When In reality, if you want to see a significant change then you have to put in a lot of effort and it doesn't happen quickly, it's a long process. But if it's important enough for you to be seeking professional help with it, then it's worth the time.



  1. Thank you for this post. I have been contemplating on therapy, myself. A much needed read:)

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  2. The most important thing in my opinion is patience. Everyone is different so fr someone it takes longer some can see difference even after a month or so.

    1. I completely agree. You cant't go into something (especially therapy) and expect it to completely transform your life. It takes so much effort xx

  3. I love the line "a problem is never too small"! It's so inspiring and your words are always worth a thousand words. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like that you started by being honest about your experience and that it could have been better. This was really interesting to read and may help someone decide to go that otherwise wouldnt have. lovely post sweetie

    The whimsical wildling

  5. This is a very beautiful and touching story. Its a big thing to openly speak about these sensitive topics, so well done. Very inspirational. Keep up the good posts!

  6. i think talking to someone always makes you feel better
    thank you for this post

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