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21 April 2018

Working with brands: AD posts, Pitching and What I've learnt from it all

Recently on the blogosphere I've seen a whole lotta chat regarding sponsored content and different forms of advertising through bloggers. It's such a controversial topic because there is such a big mix of opinions. As a blogger, I know how important sponsored content can be. It's the main source of income for the majority of bloggers. But, being careful with it is so important seeing as there are so may people out there who's followers don't appreciate sponsored content and tend not to interact with advertorial content as they feel its not genuine.

In the past four years I have worked alongside many brands and have learnt a lot about collaboration through these partnerships. It's given me such a huge insight into brands attitude's towards bloggers.

Some brands have no clue...

I can't count the number of brands who have emailed me asking me to promote their products but very clearly have no idea what I'm about. I mean if you'd actually bothered to do your research then you would straight up know that "no, I am not interested in sharing your bum chin reducing face mask with my followers". I legit got an email like this.. seriously.
Brands aren't always prepared to pay you...

Some brands can be real crap and pitch you an offer, for you to email back telling them you're interested, this is the point that they drop the bombshell and tell you "Were sorry but we aren't able to pay you for this work". And, yes, I do understand that they're are smaller brands out there that really can't pay you because they just don't have the money, but could you include that in your pitch, plz?

However, I have worked with some really lovely brands who do have a whole lot of respect for bloggers. Jewellery box have been one of my favourites, I've built an amazing relationship with them and they still repost my Instagram pictures despite the fact that I haven't tagged them and despite the fact that I worked with them agessss ago. This, is what I call a frickin' good partnership!

There are followers who don't always appreciate sponsored content...

If you are a blogger who has worked with a fair few brands then you will be well aware that there are some followers who aren't too keen on those AD posts. I think that there are people who get the idea that if your being payed to do the work then your opinions aren't genuine.

As a blogger who turns down around 95% of the opportunities to work with brands I get, I can confidently tell you that the majority of bloggers out there will ONLY ever accept a pitch from a brand that they genuinely love and agree with.
Sure, if you see a fashion blogger promoting some dodgy 'low fat' energy bars then it could be worth giving them an unfollow? It's pretty damn clear that they're in it for the cash and don't give two turtle doves about what their followers think.
Pitching to brands isn't a crime...

When I first pitched to a brand I felt pretty stupid. I think I thought that because I was pitching to them rather than them pitching to me I would look desperate. But, pitching to brands yourself is okay! I usually get pitches sent to my inbox by brands, though if I find a nice looking brand on Instagram and I love what they're doing then I might just send a quick email and a couple of links to my blog and social media platforms.

Blogging isn't about the money, and I stress that, but if you love a brand so much that you want to write about them and share their products with your followers then I don't see the harm of getting a lil bit of cash out of it if you can!


  1. Very nice post ! I don't really like to read sponsored content but sometime I can discover something nice !

    1. Sometime's I feel a tiny bit like that too, but I've also discovered a whole lot of gorgeous products through sponsored content xx

  2. Great post. Pitching to brands can be quite daunting at first but sometimes you just need to take the emotions out of it and try your luck, it's also about making yourself visible x

  3. I like your blogposts, either way, sponsored or not. This is the least important part of blogging.

  4. You are so talented; all your posts are so informative and inspirational. Keep up the good work and continue to thrive!

  5. Ive never been able to work with brands on my blog since I haven't had it for very long! I've always been unsure as whether to pitch to brands or not considering my blog is still under 1 years old. I think once I've been doing this for awhile then I'll feel more comfortable because right now, I don't know what I could offer that they would want x

    Lizzie Oladunni

    1. I just looked at your blog and I LOVE it! You should defiantly pitch to brands xx


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