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08 April 2018

Postcards from Valencia

Last week I jetted off to Spain with one of my closest friends. It was a last minute trip and one that we wouldn't usually have taken, but it was an opportunity for a holiday and as we both live in London the thought of being somewhere that was at least the slightest bit sunny was very appealing.

We stayed in Valencia, which is surrounded by mountains, but in all honesty not the best holiday destination. It's in rural Spain where there aren't many tourists so when walking around a village near by on our first full day there, we got a hell of a lot of looks from people who obviously weren't used to seeing non-spanish speakers.
The village we stayed in was almost a ghost town. It was in the middle of nowhere with one tiny supermarket and a bakery. But had some gorgeous views of the mountains and we hired a little fiat which was a lot of fun to drive around in because it's just so pretty, I also really love a car with some comfortable seats and if you've ever been in a Fait of Mini then you know what I'm talking about.

Our holiday house had a beautiful pool in the garden and a terrace with the most pretty view over the village and looking out onto the mountains. We spent the whole of day two lying out by the pool trying to get our tan on (which of course we didn't in April). 

We dipped in the pool a little, though with it being so early in the year it was BLOODY FREEZING! But, if you've got a pool then you've gotta make the most of it, right? 

On our third and final day we had one last look around the village and got a chocolate doughnut, which I had been craving since I saw one in the bakery at the beginning of our trip and took a quick car ride down to the beach where I sat by the sea listening to Charlie Puth's 'Nine track mind' album which I must say I'm loving at the moment (If you like Jazzy pop then give it a listen) and watched Annie do her cartwheels on the beach. 



  1. I love the first photo! Spain is one of my favourite places, I love all of the southern cities but surprisingly have never visited Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid (yet) I always find the little towns so interesting as they feel so disconnected from the rest of Spain. So glad you had a great time :)

    Dalal //

    1. You should go! It's very quite but if you want a bit of peace and quiet then its perfect! Xx

  2. It looks gorgeous there. I love all the pictures you took.

  3. Aw I loved Valencia and your photography is gorgeous! As always, a lovely post Hun x

    Grace Louise ||

  4. I love Valencia, but I like even more all Valencian areas that are not too touristy. I totally related to your post.
    Keep the good content up!

    David Hill Guildford


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