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11 April 2018

The 5 beauty products I can't get enough of

A rundown of the best beauty products that I didn't realise I would love just so much...

Beauty products are my least favourite things to shop for, because I just don't know what will work best for me. As you can tell I am no beauty expert, and have no clue what half the writing on the back of all those packages actually means. As a result of this I am known to simply wing it when browsing the isles at the Superdrug, and though that technique can be disastrous (really disastrous) I have managed to make some surprisingly good purchases which have come in handy lately.
Maybelline's lipstick in the shade 'Smoky rose' was something I wasn't too sure about buying. I have very pale skin so a lipstick too dark can make me look washed out, as can a lipstick which is far too light. So, I tend to try and find something in the middle of the two, and I have found that a dark pink nude will always fit me well. This particular lipstick is just that, nude but not too nude. 

It applies well, which is a perk because lipsticks that make your lips look chapped are a big no, no, though it doesn't stay on for all that long so this is definitely one to keep in your handbag because topping up is a must with this.
Lately my skin has been going insane, breaking out and doing everything but what I want it to. So, when Brodie and Stone sent me this Charcoal and Bamboo clearing mud night treatment (blog post on the rest coming soon...) I was all over it. I found that it worked really well for my skin and made a huge difference in my skins appearance. Although, if your planning any holidays to somewhere hot soon I wouldn't recommend bringing this along with you... from experience I can tell you that this product makes your skin more prone to sunburn, it's not pretty. 
A while ago I decided that dry shampoo was something I should probably own, because god does my hair get greasy. I picked Colab's dry shampoo with the Original fragrance. 

It leaves no white residue at all (whaaaat?!) and really tames all those fly aways as well as getting rid of some of the grease in my hair. A definite must for me.
Beautiful long nails, we all want them right? For a long, long time I thought the way to get there was just by simply not picking my nails and just waiting for them to grow and grow and grow. But what I quickly realised was that they will eventually just chip. Nunale's Nail strengthening cream is a product I've found really helpful, it strengthens your nails which rules out the possibility of them easily chipping making it SO much easier to quickly grow your nails into those long, gorgeous ones that everyone loves.



  1. Ooh love that lipstick - I’m also a pale gal so I may just have to check that out!! and yess dry shampoo has practically become my best friend lol!

    Lexie x

    1. It's perfect for pale skin, you definitely should give it a go! Xx

  2. Dry shampoo saves the day all the time! Although I have never tried Colab... I will pick it up next time to try! x

    1. You absolutely should, its such a great brand xx


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