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23 June 2018

4 podcasts I've been loving lately

A couple of months ago if you suggested I listen to a podcast I would have laughed in your face. I haven't got a clue why, but I thought the podcast world was the section of the internet where grumpy old men would talk to a microphone about politics and the benefits of retirement.

It seems so stupid now, and after giving podcasts a chance, my assumptions were soon proven wrong. 
Now, I can't get enough of them. Though I did have just a tiny issue when I first started getting into them, I couldn't find any I particularly liked. However, after a trusty google search I found hundreds, if not thousands of podcast I HAD to listen to.

Love Stories with Dolly Alderton

Dolly Aldreton's podcast, Love Stories is a firm favourite of mine. In each episode she interviews different celebrities about their love life, and most importantly their first love. It's got a chatty vibe, but asides from love Dolly and whoever she's interviewing always end up having a chat about some serious, yet interesting topics.

One of my favourite episodes was with Marianne Keyes, an Irish Author and Journalist. They talked about the abortion referendum in Ireland, male testosterone and how women being the breadwinner in a family can often make a man feel his masculinity is under threat, and how with life expectancy increasing, marriages could be short lived because couples could possibly get sick of the company. 

Ctrl Alt Delete - Emma Gannon 

Ctrl Alt Delete was the first podcast I truly loved. Emma Gannon interviews such successful and inspirational women about their careers and I always find myself feeling so inspired after each episode. 

An episode I particularly liked was her interview with Dawn O'Porter, another Author and Journalist who I absolutely love. They talked about not following the crowd, Dawn's new book 'The Cows' and how she's found being a new mum. Something about the podcast just inspires me SO much.

 Get it on - Dawn O'Porter

On the topic of Dawn O'Porter, she also has her very own podcast, which I also very much enjoy listening to. It's another interview style podcast, where she interviews celebrities of all different fields about their lives in general.

My favourite was by far the episode where she interviewed Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine. 
They chatted all about Jo's style and her well known hashtag #clothesmyhusbandhates, as well as what her job as editor of Glamour magazine is like. 

 Keeping it candid - Millie Cotton & Sophie Milner

If you are a blogger then you would most likely ~love~ Keeping it Candid, hosted by bloggers Millie Cotton and Sophie Milner. They have a very real take on the blogging industry and are open and honest about their experiences in a way that is unusual in this industry. 

In the past they have opened up about how much they earn, the rates they set for brands, different theories on getting Instagram likes and so much more that as a blogger I have been curious about, but haven't been able to get any information on as so many people don't share their true experiences. Their podcast really does take a look at the blogging industry, underneath the sugar coated front that it's presented as. 


  1. I think I only listened to one podcast (for some reason it was Jenna and Jullien and I really liked it, although felt a bit like it was dragged on too much). I have to check the podcasts you suggested, these might be much more interesting.

    1. I've never heard of Jenna and Jullien. But, you should definitely check out some of the ones in the post x

  2. omg same
    podcasts is a new love of mine too!
    they have helped me get through so many homework sessions and sleepless nights!

  3. Haha, they are perfect for background noise x

  4. Wow, great post & great suggestions! I might as well try and get the habit of listening to podcasts, I haven't listened to one before.

    Elle |

    1. There amazing, you should give some a listen x


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