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21 July 2018

A simple guide to ridding your skin from spots

As someone who frequently breaks out in spots, I think its fair to say that I've panick-googled 'how to get clear skin' more times than I can count. Now matter how many different sites, blogs or youtube videos I've looked at, none have offered me a quick fix.
It's a pain in the arse and I feel like I'm constantly in search of an answer that, as annoying as it is, will never be given to me.

So, one day when I had a major breakout I decided to quit the googling and actually do what my mum had told me to do every single time I'd had a meltdown about my spots.
Drink water
It's what every single person will tell you to do to get rid of spots, and I hate to be cliche but its true.
It's not a quick fix, but honestly there is no quick route to clear skin, it's something you actually have to work at.
But, in all seriousness water is the best way to do it, it flushes out all the dirt and nasty bits that have been lingering bellow the surface of your skin, and although this will most likely result in a minor break out, remember that you're simply flushing it all out and it will be gone in no time at all.

Lately I've been drinking two litres of water every day, I've found it really helpful to keep my water in a two litre bottle so that I can easily keep track of how much I've drunk. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes carrying around a two litre bottle can be a little inconvenient... or very inconvenient but it's well worth it. I've also been recording how much water I've been drinking daily on the Flo period tracking app, so, not only are you giving yourself that little bit more motivation, you're also helping yourself to see how your body changes at that time of the month.

Stripping back the skincare
When I get a couple more spots the usual, the first thing I want to do is indulge in a rather lengthly skincare routine. However, I've quickly come to realise that the less products I use on my skin, the better my skin looks.
I personally find that a simpler skincare routine, three possibly four steps involved, benefits my skin far more than a skincare routine using every product under the sun.
There are the simple things that we all need to do for our skin, for example, cleansing and moisturising and then there are the things that aren't essential, which if used too often will simply dry out our skin.
I've stripped my skincare routine back to a thorough cleanse, followed by moisturiser and finished with a spot cream. Although, I do sometimes use a face mask and I will often use an overnight mask.
Switching up the skincare
Speaking of skincare, it may be time that you switch up what products you're using?
If you're like me and hate to try anything new when it comes to beauty, you've probably been using that same cleanser for four years now. But, that just means you're skin could have gotten used to it and it isn't all that affective anymore.

I recently changed my cleanser from the 'Simple spotless skin triple action face wash' to an Olay one. And although I didn't do this with the idea of changing my skincare in mind (I was just being my usual money saving self and looking for the cheapest on in Superdrug) it was a great thing that the Olay cleanser was 20p cheaper than the Simple one.

Ditching make-up
When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and notice that there is yet another brand new spot on your face it is so easy to deal with the situation by plastering it in foundation.
However, a while ago when I broke out the day before my holiday (yep, there was no holiday glow on this occasion) one of my friends responded to my annoyance at these spots by telling me to 'lay off the foundation for a couple of days'. I did and it really helped.
So much so that I don't even wear make-up anymore, just a touch of mascara. It's a nerve wracking experience at first and of course you will feel just a little naked when going bare faced in public, but in time you won't even have anything you feel you 'need' to cover because you're skin has been able to breath thanks to the lack of make-up, and now everything looking fresh.



  1. Yes, these tips are all so so true! I never have really bad patches of acne breakouts, but instead spots here and there. According to my dad, I have a pretty "lavish" skincare routine, but like you said, whenever my skin is going through a particularly rough period, I make sure to stick to the basic, cleanser, moisturizer, and facial toner here and there, but nothing too much. I also make sure not to dry out my skin too but not to allow too many oils as well or the breakout won't mellow down! Hugs

    1. Oh my gosh, you seem so organised about it. I literally just plaster myself in foundation. But, lately I've completely stopped wearing makeup and the difference is insane xx

  2. I definitely agree that stripping back the skincare will help. Using too many products might be irritating the skin even more, so a little detox could do wonders Xx

    Sharan Gill Blog // Instagram

  3. These are really helpful tips dear. Indeed, using tons of products on your skin can do more harm than good. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica |

  4. i totally agree with these tips
    i personally love no-makeup days to allow your skin to breathe!
    i have recently tried to drink more water because this was my mum's advice too! it's proving a challenge because i hate the taste of it! But I flavour it with fruits to help and carry round a 1 litre bottle to fill up twice a day. So far I've only been able to drink 1 litre but I guess it's better than before. baby steps is key!

    check out my blog at

  5. Great and informative post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your so right about cutting down on the skincare and keeping it simple, its so tempting to overload your skin when its bad but it's probably the worst thing for it!
    P x

  7. Stripping back your skincare routine can definitely work wonders, great tips!

    K x

    1. Absolutely! So glad you found the post helpful x

  8. I stay makeup-free whenever I can, it def helps! Still gotta work on staying hydrated haha... I recommend using natural skincare products, they personally work better for my acne! :)


  9. I strongly agree with the tips you share. I do not always make make up even when I go to work, I want to have a healthy skin

    1. Same with me, I've completely ditched make-up x

  10. sooooooo useful thanks


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