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15 August 2018

4 things that have changed in 4 years of blogging

Today is the 15th. That means that four years ago today I started this blog (ummm... what?!). It's a bit mind-boggling to think that I've been doing this for four year, that seems like such a long time.
But, with doing it for quite a while a lot has changed in my life. Simple things like getting older and maturing, but I honestly think that having this blog has sped up that process for me.

My confidence has changed quite drastically since putting myself our there and exposing myself to the online world. I'm still quite a shy person, although it really depends on the situation I'm in, but since starting Flo la vita, or Liliieee as it was called back then (how do you even pronounce that?!) my confidence has gotten a lot better, and I think thats down to this blog and the fact that it's been my own space to be completely myself with.

Personal style
And I'm not just talking about my fashion sense... I'm talking my taste in everything.
My photography style, my fashion sense and not to mention my writing style. I think that since starting a blog I've seen so many different interior styles, photography styles, writing styles all of which have influenced my personal taste in absolutely everything.

My opinions
Speaking of, blogging has introduced me to so many people with so many different opinions. If I hadn't started this blog I don't think I would have taken an interest in people like Emma Gannon, Dolly Alderton and Grace F Victory. People like them who are so open about their thoughts on such interesting, yet serious topics have really pushed me to formulate my own opinions. And it's not even as simple as my thinking 'so do I agree with this or do I not agree with this?' it's just a natural thing that happens from listening to their podcasts and seeing what they have to say on social media. I've always been such an opinionated person and I'm never shy to tell someone what I think (when it's called for, of course) but I genuinely think that people like them who are so open online have helped me form even stronger opinions on topics that I probably wouldn't have formulated opinions on, or even known that they existed. We all know that I am an open book and feel no shame when telling a period story that could be a little TMI, but Emma Gannon especially has made me see that we should never be embarrassed to talk about something that matters to us, no matter how taboo its been made to be, and I've definitely down just that. 

My writing style
Four years ago I wasn't a terrible writer but I certainly wasn't great. Reading back some of my older posts is cringe-worthy and if I'm honest I'm glad I've deleted so many of them, but there are a couple remaining ready for you to read...

Then-   a section of my proper corn AD post

When i was looking through the box and found this flavour, i was so happy. Before i recieved the bundle of popcorn from Propercorn i had no idea that you could get coconut and vanilla flavoured popcorn! I didn't know if it was going to taste nice but it was honestly amazing. I think its definately my favourite out of all of the flavours. 
To be honest i think this is the best popcorn i have ever had!

Thank you so much to Proper corn for sending me all this amazing popcorn, its honestly so yummy!

You should all go and buy some of this as its honestly the best popcorn i have ever had, Its so worth going out especially to buy one!

Now-  a section of my '4 things an Instagram detox taught me' blog post

Before taking a lengthy break from the Instagram world, this was something I was quite confused about. Typically, when you think of a blogger you think of the brand collaborations and the press trips and the 'glamourous' lifestyle they lead. Heck, I change my outfit in the McDonald's toilets when I'm out shooting, but that's beside the point.

Throughout my Instagram break I did ask myself many times if I would be able to carry on my blog in the same way without Instagram. And the answer is yes, because I'm not blogging as an influencer, I'm blogging as me.



  1. Such a lovely and honest post to read! Good to hear that Blogging is helping you grow and you are enjoying too. And I totally agree with all the four things you've mentioned. Bloggin did and still do help me a lot especially in building my confidence level.

    Many Regards Ashon

  2. 4 Years... is a long time!
    Have a great day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -


  3. yup, 4 years is quite a long time. Hope you have more positive change. love

  4. I can’t believe you have been blogging for 4 years!
    I totally agree with your points
    Although I have only been blogging for 4 months now I have definitely matured in my writing and personality
    P.s it’s my 15th birthday today
    I would really appreciate it if you went and commented on my most recent blog post
    And followed my blog by clicking on the blue follow button found on the right hand side of my blog
    That way when I post a what I got for my birthday post you will get notified!
    And I loved this post

  5. It's amazing how it can change you...for the better of course x

  6. Blogging is really a tough job to do and you've been doing this for over 4 years! I admire you. Keep it up.

    Romwe Review- How to shop on | Gobestshops 🌼


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