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08 August 2018

Making choices about what to share online and being relatable

As a blogger, I share a lot of my personal life online. From a quick Insta snap, to a story or a blog post it's all very easy and accessible to anyone. Believe it or not, it was only a couple of weeks ago that I seriously considered how much of my life I share online. Sure, there are simple things like I wouldn't post photos of my friends and family because they didn't sign up for this and their privacy is important. Or basic knowledge like 'don't post your address online' for obvious reasons.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in a blog post that I was getting a puppy and the comments on that post were full with people saying "Aww that's so cute! Can't wait to see the photos!" Of course they were, that's what you'd expect if you just told potentially 35,000 people that you were buying a dog. But, something made me take a step back and I wasn't sure if I wanted to share photos of Dylan online, because it just seemed so personal. I wasn't upset that there were so many people who are essentially strangers to me assuming that they would get a look at my puppy. It just made me think about how much I'm sharing and how much I'm comfortable sharing.

Turns out, I'm comfortable sharing quite a lot. I'm naturally a very open and honest person, I'm definitely the friend in my friendship group who will tell everyone everything no matter how TMI it may be.

When thinking about things like this I have to remind myself that I did sign up for this and I made the decision to share my life with total strangers through the form of a blog. But, people change their minds and that is okay.

However, where do we draw the line between sharing and over sharing? And do we even have to draw that line at all?

Thinking of it from my follower's perspective, it's nice to get to know someone, even if you don't see their whole life. But what I want to steer clear of is sharing a sugar-coated version of events because that's not helpful for anyone. I don't want people to think I have a 'perfect' life and people don't want to see a 'perfect' life because what is 'perfect' anyway?

With social media it is SO easy to assume that someone has it all planned out, and this is because so many bloggers share their highlights reel. And how can you blame them? If you're having a shitty day you're not going to quickly take a selfie for Instagram are you? Some things need to be kept private.

I've struggled to make sure that my online space is how I want it to be: a good balance of the highs and the lows. It's difficult because as a blogger there is a pressure to be relatable, which I guess is fair enough from the follower's point of view.
I think when you're starting out at blogging it's easier to seem relatable because there are no press releases being mailed to your house and you aren't being invited to events (although, if you are then congrats!). But once things start to take off a bit you will have to share some products with your audience because in most cases you're being payed to and this can drive people away. The amount of girls who have told me they've gotten dm's from different followers telling them they're unfollowing because they're 'not relatable enough' anymore is sad. I mean, were still the same, were just earning some money for the work we're putting into this!

From the point of view of both a blogger and follower, I love to see people online being honest and sharing both their high's and their lows. Hannah Gale's brutally honest Instagram stories are the reason I follow her.

So, do blogger's have a duty to be relatable? I think no.

Share as much or as little as you want online, as long as you're comfortable with what you're putting out there then that's all that matters. And if someone thinks you're not relatable enough then let them unfollow because if they don't enjoy your content then why would you want them following you anyway?


  1. I think if you're only a blog reader it's hard to understand how a blogger feels. Once you're in that position, it suddenly becomes obvious that you're putting out so much of your life to people you've never met. That can be scary but I try to stay as honest as possible as well as keeping the important parts of my life private xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I'm such an open person so I'm very likely to share something I maybe didn't mean to but in all honesty I don't mind because I'm just not that fussed. Though I definitely value my privacy xx

  2. Spot on! These days with SoMe and all it can be difficult to really understand just how much of our private lives we are sharing to a shed-load of strangers every day.
    I've always wondered what goes on in these people's minds who unfollow when a blogger recommends a product. I mean, they're doing you a favour really :D If that particular product isn't your cup of tea, fine. But why unfollow?

    1. absolutely! I would never share something I didn't like, but I understand if a follower doesn't like it. But I mean, there's no need to unfollow x

  3. I loved reading this!
    I totally agree with everything you said and I also think it's so sad if people unfollow other people for not being relatable!
    I decided to remain anonymous on my blog because that is what I felt comfortable with. Just because I don't put a name and face on my blog doesn't mean that I can't express my thoughts and opinions on the things I love!
    I personally love how down to earth you are and I love reading every post of yours whether it is a high or low one
    another inspiring post
    thank you flo

    check out my blog at

  4. There is definitely a fine line and on my Instagram feed I tend to keep it more professional and about outfits and beauty products I am using while on Stories I show more of my real life. I think it really depends on your audience and what relationship you have with them. xoxo, Christine

    1. You're spot on! I feel like Instagram stories are way more about personal life than your content x

  5. just discovered your blog so cool

  6. I loved reading this so much Hun and I love your outfit, you look amazing :)

    Grace Louise ||

  7. This, it's so hard to decide how much to share and how much not to. You are literally opening up your whole life to anyone really. Also I agree, I love following Hannah Gale because she is so honest! xx

    1. She honestly is the most down to earth person x

  8. This is sooo on point dear. That's the challenge of blogging really; to play in the fine line between sharing too much, and sharing enough to be genuine. It takes a while to get used to it. But you get better as you go along. Anyway, thanks for the lovely read!

    Jessica |

  9. Lovely article and so on point. It's important to be relatable x

  10. love your outfit! you look gorgeous! 😍😍😍


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