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01 September 2018

September goals

It feels like a bit of a reality check now that summers officially over here in the UK. Its like the world is trying to remind us that, no this weather will not last and you're gonna have to suck it up and get used to all this rain. Don't mind me sounding just a little crazy over here, but I don't mind.
Living in the UK, my body has gotten used to the year round cold weather so the heatwave that just happened wasn't something I found bearable. Although, it was nice to have a bit of sun.

 However, going into Autumn is something I've been looking forwards to for a long time. I just love wrapping up in hats and scarves, going on long walks followed by hot chocolate when you get back home. And, of course the winter coats. For me, going into a new season is like a mini fresh start, and I'm always motivated to set goals with a new season too.

01. Long walks
If you read my July goal's post then you will be very much aware that we've got a puppy!
I mean, yes it was a while ago and I don't mean to go on and on at you about it, but for almost all of August Dylan wasn't allowed to go on a walk because he hadn't had all his jabs that would protect him from all sorts of nasty illnesses. So, now he's finally had them we can take him on lots of walks.

Although I live in London, where I live is surrounded by woods and woodland trails so I'm sure it will be a great environment for Dylan. I'm also loving the idea of stopping for a cup of tea at the cafe's in the woods on a crisp Autumn morning. It sounds like Bliss.

02. Taking a different blogging route
Usually my blog post style would be quite a wordy, thought provoking piece, but this month I wanted to try and do some more editorial-style pieces. I'm thinking recipes, gift guides, and I definitely want to share some more interior snaps. But, if you're a lover of the wordy-pieces, don't worry this isn't me ditching them forever, I just wanted to try something new out and there will most likely be something interesting coming your way in October.

03. Breakfasts
I don't know about anyone else but when I'm having one of those chaotic mornings where I'm very quickly running out of time I will simply pour myself a bowl of shreddie's for breakfasts. But, is this really the healthiest option? Nope...
I always feel way more inspired and up for working on the blog in the morning when I've had a good breakfasts. So, I've just popped to M&S to pick up a whole lot of fruit and yoghurt and I'm making it my mission to have a gorgeous breakfast that will fill me up and get me motivated for the day, every day.



  1. I love autumn too. The weather is not too hot and not too cold
    And jumpers make up about two thirds of my wardrobe!
    I can't wait to see your new blog posts style!

  2. I can't bare the thought of loosing summer! Now in all honesty, I don't mind winter in the least and I rather like it – especially around Christmas time and the New Year. However, it's the fact that winter seems to last until late April that gets to me. It's simply just too long and by this point I think everyone's motivation has started to sag a bit and the cold weather surely doesn't help. These photos are beautiful and I see some items that look really great – especially the book! Isn't there a book similar to it called the Subtle Art of Not Giving and F?

    1. I get you, the cold months do drag on a bit. But living in the UK I get used to it!
      I think there is a book called 'the subtle art of not giving a f**k' but not by the same author xx

  3. Autumn is my ultimate season! I’m trying to set myself some goals for the end of the year and one of my top goals is similar to your breakfast one!

    Sian xx

  4. I cannot wait to see the new blogging routine babe!

    Ellie xx

  5. Beautiful pictures and great writing, as always :)
    I cannot describe how jealous I am about your puppy! Oh how I wish I could have one as well, but with a probable move to another continent in the near future doesn't really allow that.. Long-term goals, I guess :)

    Teresa x |

    1. Oooh moving continent sound like a fun experience! Where are you going? Xx

  6. Those are perfect gifts to your co-workers at workplace.


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