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30 March 2020

Corona virus: "we're all in this together" - but is now the time that our differences stand most prominent?

In some ways, the situation surrounding Covid-19 is almost reminiscent of something biblical. The humans were misbehaving so God sent a plague in the hope that humanity would learn a lesson from it. I'm not religious, but I do see that we can benefit from this and would hope that we come out a changed world. Though, inevitably, this change would come at a great cost.

Now, we are paying the price. The process of which is so consuming that it hardly seems notable that the environment is benefitting, or that there is an increased sense of localism when so few people are able to pay their bills or feed their families.

Covid-19 is a problem faced by everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from; the virus is blind and won't choose its victims based on class, race, gender or the likes.  The legitimacy of the threat is something that unites us, but our experiences differ depending on who we are and that has the power to divide us.

To protect yourself from Corona Virus is far easier a pursuit if you are wealthy. You can get by on low income if you already have money. Self isolating is easier if you have a bigger home, or if you are privileged enough to have a home at all. For the wealthy, the increased struggle many face to feed themselves and their families, to heat their homes and pay their bills is something far removed from their own realities. Something many could not hope to relate to.

Self isolation is easier if your home is a safe one. How can you ensure your own safety if you are forced to self isolate in a home of domestic violence? There's talk of a Covid-19 baby boom, but with so many women having no choice other than to stay home with their abusive partners, not all of those babies will be wanted. This is a far greater burden when you consider the closure of Abortion clinics.

Though we may all be in this together, our experiences will be what inevitably divide us. Corona Virus may be a legitimate threat to us all - like I said, it won't choose its victims based on class, race, gender and so on. But, those things that divide us, particularly wealth and class, will make all the difference to how easy we will find it to protect ourselves at this time. Right now, our differences stand prominent.

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