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Hello! My name is Flo - I am a blogger from North London, writing social commentary and opinion pieces. I used to write my About page in the third person as though someone were narrating my life from afar. But, I have since realised that my previous wonderings of the possibility that I may be living in my very own Truman Show are incredibly bigheaded, not to mention unrealistic, and so I have abandoned my mystery narrator, and am going back to the first person - me.

So, I'll keep it brief. I first entered the blogging world in 2014, when I began writing a beauty and lifestyle blog by the name of Lilliieee (don't worry, I couldn't pronounce that either). However, I soon realised that not only did I know almost nothing about either of these topics, I also wasn't at all interested in them. As someone who has not once been able to apply eyeliner without displaying a striking resemblance to a member of The Cure, I do wonder what I was thinking back then? 
But, now I think its fair to say I have come to my senses. Now, my writing focuses on feminism, social media and whatever current issues I take an interest in. 
I'm also a bit of a music geek (you can see what I' listening to on the 'Flo's Mixtape' page). The Smiths are my all time favourite, closely followed by Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground and Duffy. Not only that but I'm mad about 60's and 70's fashion, and though I've sworn to never write about make-up again, I do spend a moderate amount of time attempting to perfect the Twiggy eye.

I hope you like my blog!

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