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To contact me, please get in touch via email;

Alternatively, you can contact me through my Instagram account; @flolavita.


If you are a PR, please contact me through email rather than Instagram, that way I can guarantee a speedy response. Also, please note that I am very specific in what free samples I accept; I very rarely accept beauty products and I will only accept products I deem to be of interest to my audience and myself.


All content on  is my own, unless clearly stated otherwise. Please do not use any of my writing, photographs or any form of content without my permission.
I also do not publish guest posts.

On this blog I want people to feel safe and able to be themselves. For this reason I am always honest in my writing, all opinions shared are my own and any comments of a malicious nature will not be tolerated.

I am also lucky enough to be sent products by brands on a regular basis. Please note that I only write about products I truly love and would use myself. If by chance I am sent a product I dislike then I am under no obligation to feature it.

In the past I have spoken about beauty products on this blog. I am no beauty expert, anything I say is just my personal opinion.

If you have any questions please email me ( or get in touch via my Instagram page (@flolavita)
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